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Get a time based code version with Rational ClearCase

In the last days from necessity I needed to fix a bug in an older version of a dll without update it to the newer version (for compatibility reason). So I have first to get the version of the component released the last 1th of september. I searched in all the Clear case IDE if exists an easy way to do this and surprise… it isn't :)

So, after some Google-search, I found a way to do it.


  1. Create a new clear case view with the project related to dll to fix. 
  2. After the creation of the view I opened the property menu of the view
  3. Then I selected the "Config Spec" tab and clicked the Edit button in right corner
  4. in the window that opened beside the command element * /main/Latest I added the parameter -time and the time of the version that you wanted get in the format dd-Month-yyyy.hh:mm:ss
  5. So after an update of the view I got the version on the server at the specified time.


I hope it could be useful for the future.