Chapter 6 – A crazy game

We finally hope to begin to grind some good win and maybe keep in the upper part of the board close to the playoffs zone. The following game is away to Rochdale: a good test. We literally dominate the match but we don’t hit the goal: 11 shots but just one on goal. It ends 0-0… The attack was really poor performing. It is clear that a greater impact is needed in this role. I have to find a good striker. The problem is the money, almost none.

Match stat

The following Wednesday we host Harlepool and it is still 0-0, while the next game is another 2-1 defeat at Bournemouth where we lose again Preece this time due to an injury. The trend is quite bad in the last 20 days in which we played every 3 day for a total of 7 matches, we lose 4 time and won only one. This is how an almost grotesque match against Altrincham is staged. We lead with 18 shots to 3 but ends 1-1 cos in the only shot on goal they score while we waste the impossible and only the eternal Ormondoryd avoids us a real hoax. One shot one goal we said and unfortunately on goal there is who I had identified as the future of the role in the team: Colgan. Obviously it was not an good choice. Anyway the message is clear: I need someone to score more goals. I begin to search among the cheaper beacuse of the low money availability. Then I come across Andrew Mainwaring, with excellent technique and good shooting. He has no team and therefore I can offer him a poor contract.

Andrew Mainwaring

Meanwhile we go to play on the Notts County field in 4 positions and with very different ambitions from ours. We dominate the match and, thanks to the opposing goalkeeper being sent off, we do not run in big dangers. A good 2-0 that makes us breath again. Ormondroyd is the Man of the Match.
Motivated by this win we receive the Leyton Orient and Mainwaring joins the team as soon as the contract is signed. And once again another cold shower: it ends 3-4 and after conceding 3 goals in the last 5 games we take 4 just this match, this time there was Evans on goal but … the problem of the goalkeeper is still big. At the end of the match, I made in Mainwaring but only for few minutes without leaving a trace. The next race is what I can call one of the most absurd I have ever played: we win it by finishing the game in 9 players and with the opponents wasting two penalty kicks. Evans gets kicked out in the fourth minute and since I have no other goalkeepers on the bench, I line up Forrester’s. Ormondroyd takes us forward and Harsley doubles, when, however, at ’74 we remain in 9 I start to despair, fortunately Steiner kicks out also the second penalty. It ends 1-2 with a some worries… A crazy game!!!