Chapter 5 – Transfer Market

Fully aware of the bad situation in a bit ‘all roles but in particular the defense I concentrate in the search for a valid defender and a goalkeeper. Unfortunately there is no much money and I need to do some saving. From the free market I can take (naturally with 0 money) an lateral defensor Nathan Blamey that I hope can give an improvement to a role where I often had to play Hope (a central defender) for Neil’s poor performance and injury problems.

Nathan Blamey

A week later it’s time for the goalkeeper, the worst part of the whole defense. Last year I tried all the roster’s goalkeepers in a all the possible ways, and then ended the season with two young goalkeepers on loan. So, given the financial constraints I can only buy from Chelsea who was probability the 4th goalkeeper for them: Nick Colgan. £59K is still a important effort for the club’s bad finances, but a change is also needed in that role. Signed a crazy contract (until 2006 !!!) we can face the last days before the start of the season. For the moment, although I have 7 players who are about to expire at the end of the next season, I am not proceeding yet with any extension. There are no untouchables, the refoundation keep going. Stamp contract is expired: the player has never convinced, but for the moment I decide to keep him in the team. I must also look for an attacker, possibly a good and cheap one.

Nick Colgan

The first game of the season is away against Cambridge United, Preece has been suspended for 4 matches from last season and therefore I have to put Housham on the pitch one of those who needs the contract renewal at the end of the season. We lose quite deservedly. The best one is Harsley who thus marks the first goal of the season while we start the season with a red card, for Housham … It doesn’t seem much changed since last year. And about the newcomers? Colgan is not in game, with a form that is certainly not the best having he played an official match only since 1992. Blamey’s performance is quite good. Not even the time to recover from the first defeat of the year that Glanfor Park has to dress up for the first leg of the League cup. Facing a great audience (9036 attendace) we lose quite clearly: at 24′ we are already 3 goals under. Ormondroyd scores the goal of the flag. Colgan takes 3 goals on his first game. Housham also failed the second chance…
Fortunately the second league game is at home against Torquay and it’s time to make some points. The game is played in a practically empty stadium (880 attendance). I keep using the classic 4-4-2, Evans is back on goal. On the right defence, I put Hope in the absence of alternatives, seeing McAuley still injured. After 8 minutes, however, Hope must leave the pitch and Akhmedov replace it. It’s a fairly balanced game: Harsley and D’Auria take us on 2-0 but 83′ Watson shortens. But we close it 2-1 and Wilcox is the best on the pitch.

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